1. A Broken Sail
    Sydney, Australia
  2. A Distant Shore
  3. Aidan Baker
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Airships on the Water
    Fayetteville, Arkansas
  5. A Journey of Giraffes
    Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Akkad the Orphic Priest
    Dallas, Texas
  7. A.M. Feelgood
    Austin, Texas
  8. Ander
    Slupsk, Poland
  9. Anders Brørby
    Oslo, Norway
  10. Andrew Tasselmyer
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. Arowan
    Dublin, Ireland
  12. Arrowounds & Acid Pool Moth Light
    Athens, Ohio
  13. Aura Gaze
    Lubbock, Texas
  14. Aura Zorba
    Portland, Oregon
  15. Autodealer
    Los Angeles, California
  16. Backwards Charm
    Salzburg, Austria
  17. The Beremy Jets
    Malmö, Sweden
  18. Blanket Swimming
    Jackson, Mississippi
  19. Blue Unit
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  20. Butter City Poster Boys
  21. Cementation Anxiety
    New Jersey
  22. Chad Mossholder
    Dallas, Texas
  23. Circumrotation
    Zzyzx, California
  24. City Of Dawn
    Mc Allen, Texas
  25. City of Dawn & The Corrupting Sea
    Louisville, Kentucky
  26. Color of Light
    South Carolina
  27. Concussed
    Dallas, Texas
  28. Connie Kissel
    Louisville, Kentucky
  29. The Corrupting Sea
    Shelbyville, Kentucky
  30. Darren Ryan
  31. David Newlyn
  32. Departure Street
    Paris, France
  33. Devotions
    Brisbane, Australia
  34. drone-in-the-woods & Electro/Magnetic
  35. Droneroom
    Louisville, Kentucky
  36. Elektra Monet
    Dallas, Texas
  37. Federico Balducci
    West Springfield, Massachusetts
  38. Federico Balducci / fourthousandblackbirds
  39. Fermion
    New York, New York
  40. Fritz Pape
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  41. Giacomelli
  42. Heavy Sunrise
  43. Hellenica
    Montreal, Québec
  44. I Could Live In Hope
    Nashville, Tennessee
  45. Jeremy Bastard
    New York, New York
  46. John the Silent
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  47. Kieran Mahon
    England, UK
  48. Light Humidity
    Roswell, New Mexico
  49. Lisa Butel & Brent Cross
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  50. The Microdance
    London, UK
  51. MIS+RESS
    Toms River, New Jersey
  52. Nebula Glow
    Paris, France
  53. Neiv
  54. Nicholas Maloney
    Jackson, Mississippi
  55. Nonconnah
  56. North End
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  57. Orange Crate Art
    Skåne County, Sweden
  58. Outward
    London, Kentucky
  59. Owl Eyes
    Athens, Greece
  60. Pjusk
  61. Pœna Sensus
  62. Permafrost AC
  63. The Quietist
  64. Robert Scott Thompson
    Atlanta, Georgia
  65. Sciflyer
    San Francisco, California
  66. Sky is Alright
  67. Soñder (USA)
    Saint Michaels, Maryland
  68. The Tape Recorders
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  69. Tender Mercy
    Louisville, Kentucky
  70. Tender Tones
    Paris, France
  71. Thee Koukouvaya
    Vilandredo, Greece
  72. Thisquietarmy x Hellenica
    Montreal, Québec
  73. Tombstones in Their Eyes
    Los Angeles, California
  74. Transverse
    Los Angeles, California
  75. Tristan Welch
    Washington, D.C.
  76. Tymbro
    Rome, Italy
  77. Ummagma
    Toronto, Ontario
  78. Vicious Blossom
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  79. Vision Eternel
    Montreal, Québec
  80. Vollam
    Dallas, Texas
  81. The Warm Jets
  82. Winterwood
    New Zealand
  83. Wolfredt
    Tallinn, Estonia
  84. Xqui
  85. Yellow6
    Leicester, UK
  86. Y6DN
  87. Your Gaze
    Nashville, Tennessee
  88. Zombie Girlfriend
    Budapest, Hungary


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